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Jewish Singles & Happily Ever. After???

He never said goodbye.

My heart is crying.


Jewish Singles and No Goodbyes…

After two nights ago’s Utopia, safe in someone’s arms, he wanted to bid me goodbye tonightm as he is going to another part of US and then back to Europe. I can’t say goodbye, and told him that, so he said that he won’t say the actual word.

Why make me love him more [...]

Jewish Singles Kiss ‘N Tell

I am a good kisser. I know it. I am not conceited. I just…can gauge a reaction from a male when I kiss them, and I um…know I am very good. I don’t kiss anyone though. It’s an intimate thing. Very. There are also those terrifying kissers:

The Saliva Kisser–So much saliva from him to [...]

Jewish Singles & Torrential Rain

“It was the best of times…It was the worst of times…”–So begins The Tale of Two Cities, as well as my life, which in one day spun like a top that was out of control.

The work situation worstened. The air conditioner put us in Siberia-like temperatures in the office….My bladder gets another few moments [...]

Jewish Singles & Selflessness

You care. I don’t know why. Please don’t run away. This is what I do to sabotage relationships that m kay have potential.

Relationships are so scary. What if I wake up one day, and the bed near me is empty–my husband found someone prettier and thinner and younger???

This is rooted in the abandonment [...]

Jewish Singles & The 9 Commandments

Yes, I know Mathematics isn’t my strongest point(except for counting calories, fat grams, etc…), and I know there are Ten Commandments–The movie clearly showed ten, as far as I remember…but hey, the memory is one of many things going these days.

Let me focus on one particular commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Lie”(I believe attorneys think [...]