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Jewish Singles and LIVING!!!

I just came home from one of the best nights ever. I went with a close female friend, a Euro transplant, as she wants to get married, so she lives here…Anyhoo, it was awesome…

I went to a very upper-class club, met a lot of my pple–well, I know too many pple, but I had [...]

Jewish Singles & Bathroom Reunions

Work on Friday was…well, I now remember why I left my job originally! I asked a question that my boss thought was a reiterated querie and he threatened me that if I ask him anything else, I would be going home in a half an hour. Wow. My selective amnesia sickens me. I would cry [...]

Jewish Singles and Insomnia

I am up earlier than the sun and I wonder why I don’t go over to the nearest Rooster Trailer Park and wake ‘em up. Rather have some company here. What I am writing you now is probably going to shock you. I think you should be sitting and not hold any hot beverages.

I [...]

Jewish Singles and One Step…

I did it! One step for Gigi, may seem like a tiny step, but it is a huge leap for a normal homosapien. I overcame the fear last night. It was: emotional, touching, one of the best evenings in my life…..

And then, I broke up with 22 yr. old as I don’t wan’t emotions [...]

Jewish Singles and Facing Fear

I felt something today that I never felt before. I was proud of myself. I am usually so down on myself, and the perfectionism, in addition to the self esteem no being anywhere near room temperature doesn’t help much.

I usually run from confrontation. I am afraid of goodbyes, so I hide. I am an [...]

Jewish Singles and The Real Deal

Last night, 22 year old and I had “The Talk”. Not about the facts of life, though I am pretty aloof around him, yet about how I am in a place in my life where I cannot support the both of us while he is in Graduate School. I have lived too long a life….I [...]