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Jewish Singles–Finis, Chapter Uno

I am breaking up with 22 year old. Yes, he has been in the very young and lineless background, and I did today what I have been prone to do since I have had a good chance with a truly sweet guy–sabotaged the relationship so that he wouldn’t like me, so I would end up [...]

Jewish Singles–Fighting Back!

Fine. One hair isn’t going to get me down. Im a fighter. (Not literally, I have no muscle mass to speak of. I want Madonna’s arms for Hannukah. Well not HER arms. Arms that look like hers.) I am just going to pull the offending hair out of my head and flush it down the [...]

Jewish Singles-OLD?

Hey all of you. Sorry that I haven’t been writing every day. I am working on consistency, as well as my abs. It’s been horrible–I found a hair that was (come close to the screen because this 411 I am not shouting on the rooftops in joy) white!!!!!Pure white. I thought I was going blond, [...]

Jewish Singles–Cruel Irony

Why is it that the people we want(to date, have dated, want a serious relationship with…) don’t want us, but the one’s that want us, we don’t want? I know for a fact this isn’t an issue of the Forbidden Fruit, because it isn’t just me–it is so many of my friends and aquaintances, and [...]

Jewish Singles–Running To…Or From???

I think that if I go somewhere, maybe a sunny climate like the West Coast, I would be like as cheery as an insulin shock-inducing Bubble Gum chewing, Valley Girl Cheerleader.Like, maybe I have S.A.D.? (Seasonal Affective Disorder(look it up if you don’t know what it is, Im too bloated to do it)–I am no [...]

Jewish Singles–Homeless Bound?

Okay. I have a confession to make. I live with, um, my, you know, well, the woman from whom I exited her womb, and the man who was a partner in my creation(and until today the thought is horrific to endure.) Yes, my name is Gigi, I am single and live alone with the parents. [...]