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Jewish Singles–Single4Ever?

Top of the muffin to all the people reading this and a tiny mea culpa to the male gender re: yesterday’s rant. It was, uh, my female time, and I was irritable. Okay, don’t think of a specific “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode, when Raymond queried as to whether Debra was PMSing. So I am putting [...]

Jewish Singles– Ranting & Raving!

Okay, I have had enough. Oh, and hi. This weekend started beautifully and ended in self pitying bawling. I would like to take a moment to address an issue that will have you guys on the defensive and ready to hate me–but feel free. Guys either love me or hate me–there are no benign feelings.


Jewish Singles–Desperate?

Aloha!It’s me again. Your friendly freak that is dating a 22 year old. Let me rewind. His name is Marty, and is a friend of a friend that I saw in a photo and thought, sweet…We did a bit of Instant Messaging, and then I found out the real name, and almost had a coronary. [...]

Jewish Singles–Reduced To Stalking?

Hello there, all of my fellow singletons! How are you all doing? I am completely Red-Bulled. (I have been out late with um…well, will tell you later.) So this week I was antsy. No good movies out, (Spiderman? Nyet. I will tell you a secret. Come closer to the computer screen, as I need to [...]