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Jewish Singles & The Klutz Gene

I am so tired, I am basically a somnambulist, and some Blog-Field-Of-Energy is moving my fingers with alacrity over the keyboard, as hundreds of sheep went to complain to the shepherd that because of my bad habits, they haven’t been counted in forever –and it’s their favorite pastime.

Cry me a river.

I discovered that [...]

Jewish Singles and The City!!!

Of all the places I love the most, it is of course my home base–NYC!!! Love the lights, the crazy cabbies that make you find G-d as you pray when they seem to believe they are part of a computer game, and you, my dear reader, are just a blip on the screen that will [...]

Jewish Singles and “Fame”

As a very young child, in a home full of adults (I was a miracle child–ha)my favorite show was Fame. I would dream of myself on stage, the spotlight on me, as I danced, acted, and sand–”Fame, I’m Gonna Live Forever. I’m Gonna learn how to fly high…People will see me and cry…REMEMBER MY NAME.”


Jewish Singles & TheCowardice2Grin, But CourageNow2BareIt.

I’ve kept you amused with my latest posts, haven’t I? That can be a good sign(upbeat mood), or a bad sign(deflecting the conversation from me.) Unfortunately, this time, the latter would be the correct answer.

I rubbed bony elbows yesterday at a very cool party in The Hamptons, doling out huge grins, throwing my head [...]

Jewish Singles Fight It Out On The Runway

I haven’t been eating much lately, and my close friends are noticing. When I am gaunt, weak, and subsisting on barely any food, all the men want me. Everyone sits up and takes notice. I have heard first hand, and I have so many friends in so many different circles–every guy wants a thin girl–with [...]

Jewish Singles & Computer Funerals

am so sorry I haven’t written in a while. My computer went to computer hell, may it never RIP. Yes. I am not mean. It was never a good computer. I am not going to lie about it. If there was a computer Funeral, I would say the truth about it. Why lie? Suddenly, [...]