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Jewish Singles-Ending With A False Start

So, I was psyched up to tell you about this new guy I met, all ready to tell you “Never say never” because he is nothing I was looking for and everything I was looking for and came when I wasn’t looking–a true gift–hence, the hemming and hawwing re: sharing the morsel of happinness thrown [...]

Jewish Singles-Yogurt Envy

Okay, so most of you are probably wondering why I am avoiding my personal life, and giving you some witty posts…DO I HAAAVE TO?

NO. I want to. You were there for me, and I have some things fermenting that may just turn out to be a fuzzy green layer of mold, or a container [...]

Jewish Singles: Women’s English Vs. Men’s English

We are all aware that Martians and Venusians are as different as those planets some bloke wrote a book about and became a multi-millionaire overnight WITHOUT TAKING EVEN ONE ASTRONOMY CLASS. Lucky Dude.

Men and women are so very different in EVERYTHING–forget the main body parts.(Fine, try to for two minutes please, [...]

Jewish Singles–Who is YOUR Sugar Daddy?

Sorry, guys. Maybe a Sugar Mommy(???)(MILF???) can be custom ordered for you.

For all my chicas–today is your lucky day.

I remember watching “Annie” as a child, and wanting to marry Daddy Warbucks, and not only adopt Annie–but adopt the whole orphanage! I knew very few of the lyrics to “The Sun Will Come Out [...]

Jewish Singles–I DARE U TO LAUGH

A picture is worth a thousand words, eh?

TOO BAD!!!!!!!!



P.S. That’s one of the new Demotivator Tees from www.despair.com, one of my favorite sites. Check their half empty mug. (It actually has a line that SHOWS you when the cup is half empty.)


Jewish Singles, Dare I Peek?

I didn’t check your responses from yesterday because I want to stay, so I will be blissfully ignorant for another day or two, happy to be in my safe haven here with you.

I was thinking of sharing what had gone down the past few months, but thought of the AA way of thought–I am [...]