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Jewish Singles & Fear

I don’t know why I was afraid to write here again….I was here, but wasn’t here…

I dated someone, messed up, we are trying again….does that have a familiar ring?

Not that I can conceive of a ring.

Or think I can perceive of a conception.

This sounds nuts, but I have clarity…

Still no [...]

Jewish Singles–Stood Up&ComedyThis Aint

I was dressed in a black, tight bodysuit, heels that would make a frigid clergyman cling to me with untapped desire(lololol–damn, that was funny–I don’t even know where that came from), and a hot little A-Line pencile skirt, when I was supposed to go out, with, lets call him Jerky, last night.

I have seen [...]

Jewish Singles&The Perfect Couple

I received this in an email, and normally I get pretty upset with forwards and Spam, but THIS IS GOOD.

Once upon a time, a perfect man and a perfect woman met.

After a perfect courtship, they had a perfect wedding.

Their life together was, of course, perfect.

One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve, [...]

Jewish Singles&Comfort Zones

So the other day, as I bundled up in my Victoria’s Secret thermal PJs, HUE slipper socks, and additional sweatshirt from a guy I dated for 4 twitches of the eye, and never returned, as he forgot to ask for it back, and it was so delicious–so broken in, comes to my knees, so yummy!, [...]

Jewish Singles:Heal The Boo-Boo With Bling-Bling


I discovered something new on the market.

Something that will help ease the pain of the little gashes and holes and tears in one that has been hurt’s heart, aside of course from PAYING FOR THERAPY, (SHOE THERAPY, BERGDORF THERAPY, BLACK AMEX CC THERAPY, [...]

Jewish Singles:Amputating&Re-attaching The Severed Limb

So most of you are probably still reeling from my use of the word “witch” with a “b” instead of the “w.” I’m not sorry. Those of you out there that bought the book will understand wy that is, and are probably recommending it to friends, and going through a ginormous “aha” moment. It’s never [...]