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Falling In, Falling Out

Falling in love is annoying. Amazing, exciting, adrenaline inciting, but also annoying.

It happens so fast you barely have time to stop yourself before you’re compulsively waiting for him to text and stalking all his Facebook photos. Well, not all of them. Just those really good ones of him with the puppy.

And then you’re [...]

Jewish Singles: The Anti-Semite

If you are single, like me, you’ve most likely experienced a myriad of horror stories by this point. You’ve dated the guy who talks with his mouth full, the beautiful man with the terrible personality, the ugly man who’s extremely nice to you, the Mr. Perfect who’s just not ready to settle down, and someone [...]

Jewish Singles: Professional Wingman

Few people have the confidence to just approach anyone and start a conversation without trying to sell you something. In fact, recently the only time a stranger approached me was to have a lovely conversation about my purse and how he would like me to give him all the contents of it. He found my [...]