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Jewish Singles: Poop

I think I might have a boyfriend.

I only suspect this because he says very nice things to me, frequently inquires as to what I’m doing, and often times pays for my food.

And I think I might like him because I don’t particularly mind it.

I am very hesitant about entering into relationships.

There [...]

Jewish Singles: Infatuation

I like a boy.


We talked about it. It was deep.

“….I really like you.”

“I like you too.”


“…I don’t usually like people this much.”

“Yea, me either.”


Love is a very innocent feeling, and all the great authors and poets will stack words upon words of embellishment and eloquence on [...]

Jewish Singles: Compatibility vs. Attraction

His eyes are like these big dark gorgeous pools of seduction. Sometimes I just stare at them, mesmerized.

He notices and gets uncomfortable.


“Oh, nothing. I was just, uh, you have something in your eye.” “I do?”

Yes. The ability to make me fall madly in love with you.

“Yea I think it’s like [...]

Jewish Dating: Timing is Everything

I am studying abroad for 4 months.

He wants to take things long distance.

I don’t. I hate long distance. My last relationship went long distance. It started out strong and then disintegrated into different lives and text messages of hollow I-Love-You’s and I-Miss-You’s.

There was no longer any substance or connection.

So I said [...]

Jewish Dating: Made Up

New Boy came to visit me this weekend.

New job, new love, New York, New York.

I like new things because they’re never dull. They can be confusing, challenging, and excruciating. And they’re usually uncomfortable. But there’s a fun kind of mystery to it. I feel the same way about relationships. I think the substantial [...]