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Blog Writer: Shoshana

Shoshana began her quest for the perfect relationship when she was three and wed her best friend Alex on the playground after extensive games of Duck Duck Goose and multiple episodes of Barney.  The wedding was quickly annulled once Shoshana was diagnosed with cooties, and Alex felt he could not handle the responsibilities of their relationship.

Alone and heartbroken, she vowed never to love again, or at least not till Friday when she played blocks with Bobby.

Once in her pre-teen years, tragedy struck, and Shoshana was attacked by Puberty.  She was plagued with an awkwardness that doctors feared might never be cured.  Her thoughts became less lucid as her mind grew diluted with reveries of Beanie Babies and Harry Potter.  Her love life was put on hold, and many grew concerned she might never pull through.

In high school she discovered that at times, she was able to garner food for free after conversation with members of the opposite sex during which many pleasantries were exchanged.  Confounded and perplexed by this ability, she continued on with this trend; cultivating relationships and satiating hunger, eventually to find that she was participating in a practice called, “Dating.”

And so it began.