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Honesty, Dating, and Your Real Age

Honesty is something that is always lacking in relationships. Why start with a lie?

Relationships usually fall apart on account of one thing: lack of honesty. It is at the base of any conflict. Cheating? Lack of honesty. Lying about small things like where you got that new bracelet? Lack of honesty (obviously). Not communicating [...]

Jewish Singles: Home

I’m very afraid of getting older.

I have no home. I’m at that age where I’m just starting to realize, I have no home. College is my home I suppose, for the next year or so anyway, and then I’m off in the real world and I’ll have a house. But not a home.

Until [...]

Jewish Singles: Beginning and Ends

Time has a funny influence over us. It matters so much without saying or doing or being anything but this abstract concept.

Like marriage. Marriage isn’t scary because it’s a commitment. A relationship alone is a commitment. Marriage can be scary because it’s a time commitment. It’s promising not just today and tomorrow, but every [...]

Jewish Singles: Mean People

Hey all,

I’m sorry. I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting my dating advice. You’ve probably broken up by now due to my lack of attention and for that I apologize. But I have returned.

I’ve been having some internet technical difficulties lately, explaining the lack of posts for the past couple days. I suspect [...]

Jewish Singles: Hormonal

Hormones are a funny thing. When you break it down to find love and hate and happiness and saddness is due in part to chemicals in the brain, you have to ask, what happens when these chemicals go crazy? What happens when our hormones freak out?

And when you’re a woman, this can be a [...]

Jewish Singles: Gush

My girlfriend Sammie is in love. It’s great, I’m really happy for her. I just wish she would shut up about it sometimes.

It’s not that I mind hearing about it, it’s not that I don’t care about knowing that his favorite color is yellow and when he was 12 he played with trucks; it’s [...]