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Jewish Singles: Foodie: Or, Why You Shouldn’t Spend All Your Time With Only Your Boy/Girlfriend

My relationship with food does a good job of summing up my relationships with people.

I find a food. I fall in love with that food. It’s love at first bite. I want to eat nothing but that food, and I do, because I have absolutely no self-discipline.

Lately it’s been yogurt. I just think [...]

Jewish Singles: Typecast

I think I have a type. I hate that, but I think it might be true. I’m too young to have a type. I should be more willing to be open to different types of people…After all, if you’re dating the same guy over and over again and it keeps not working out what good [...]

Jewish Singles: Questions to Ponder

what makes a good long lasting relationship.

some people say marriage is best when looked at like a business relationship. when the romance fizzles away, its all about who you can best raise the kids with.

some say its based on passion, some on common interests, mutual respect, attraction.

what is love? baby don’t [...]

Jewish Singles: Recycling

Throughout life relationships become recycled. First we have our relationship with our parents who raise us, give us unconditional love (or are supposed to.) They are our source of love and esteem. Then we leave home and don’t get that as much and so replace that with a romantic relationship with a significant other. In [...]

Jewish Singles: Work

People are always saying that relationships are very hard work, and lots of effort, and working things out blah-blah-blah.

And that’s probably true, but sometimes I read too much into that. Sometimes I work too hard, and try to be committed to someone who, as it turns out, I just plain don’t have feelings for [...]

Jewish Singles: Commitment

Tu B’Av was on Monday. Tu B’Av is the day in the Hebrew calendar when you’re supposed to find your soulmate.

I did not find my soulmate

But I did find some alcohol and a gentleman who was quite fond of my behind. He would like to take it to the movies. I’m not [...]