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Jewish Singles & Top 10 Turn-Offs For Women

Last night was surreal…Last night was WOW… and I will write about it in a few, but this caught my eye as it was put up on Yahoo Personals, and I found myself nodding and smiling…I WAS SMILING!!!!!!!HELL YEAH!!!!!! You will know why in my next post…In the meanwhile enjoy this read, and let me [...]

Jewish Singles–I Can’t Breathe…

Haven’t heard from me in a while, eh? Remember what I wrote some time back in the blog entitled “Jewish Singles & NOTHING!!!”.

I didn’t tell you a piece of information a few weeks back, and I am so happy I didn’t as perhaps I knew deep down that it would be the same old [...]

Jewish Singles & Disposable Marriages

Disclaimer: I love weddings, my closest friends are getting married these days, and I think its fabulous! I am not anti-marriage, even though I may be a bit commitment-phobic, due to being burnt a few too many times, but I am all for marriage, love, don’t need the horse and carriage and Al Bundy’s sweaty [...]

Jewish Singles & Divorce Cakes

So Last night this Maid Of Honor danced the night away, and actually “Look, Mom! No blisters!” Things felt a bit uncomfie because the photog is single and someone that wanted to chill a while back, and I didn’t feel, based on the phone calls and discussions on a myriad of topics that we were [...]

Jewish Singles & Killing Me

I came to the conclusion that if Josh wanted me to dress a certain provocative way….so be it. I would.

Friday found me buying lacy lingerie(???) and wearing a fitted tee, with a bubble skirt, and hot heels.

I called Josh as he hadn’t called me since Wednesday when we had our kinda breakup. Something [...]

Jewish Singles ‘N Maid. Of Honor???

Tonight I am going to be a Maid of Honor. I was never a MOH(Maid of Honor) b4. And frankly, being anyone’s maid is NOT an honor in my book. I looked up my duties. For a minute there it all sounded like fun–a bit kinky–in my mind’s eye, I was purchasing a Maid’s outfit [...]