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Jewish Singles, A Cure4CommitmentPhobia!!!

You can thank me later. I know, I know, I am a genius.

If you are commitment phobic with re: to relationships to homosapiens, or even have a case of commitment p. that includes owning a cuddly pet….

U r in luck.

I found a place that TRAINS dogs(don’t worry about the new Persian rug, [...]

Jewish Singles & The Morning After…

There is no Morning After Pill when one awakens and realizes that alone takes on a whole new meaning–and it becomes a STATUS, an illness, a sharp cardiac ache, a verb, a noun, an adjective, and a very frightening dead end–without a happily ever in sight.

I sat at my desk at work, quieter than [...]

Jewish Singles, “AOBTD”–Part II

In the cafe’, Josh nixed the idea of Hairspray, The Movie, even though he was in the mood for a movie. I am flexible that way. Whatever. Movie, no movie, movie I have seen, etc…

When in the Cafe’, Josh kept staring at plain looking girls wearing skimpy sundresses, some who I believe forgot that [...]

Jewish Singles, “Another One Bites The Dust”…

Funny how the most well-known song by Queen is “We are the Champions”–when in fact, there are so many beautiful songs they put out. My personal favorite? “The Show Must Go On”–Freddie Mercury’s goodbye song “…Inside my heart is breaking, My makeup my be flaking, But my smile still stays on…”

Ironically, another one of [...]

Jewish Singles & Stripper Germs

What happened to the “Poetry In Motion” on the NYC Subways??? I would love to read the poems, as this writer at kidney, would be holding on, white-knuckled to the main pole, thinking of the germs living on it–Stripper Germs–Pole Dancer Mom, knocked up by Pimp Dad, the teen rebel teens(think the kids from “Married [...]

Jewish Singles and “NOTHING!!!”

Ever leave a child in his/her terrible two or therrible threes to their own devices and realize suddenly that it was waaaaaay too quiet??? You then proceed to ask the child “What are you doing, Trouble Jr./Trouble Juniorette?”, and the response is, a loud, guilt-laden voice answering “NOTHING!!!”–You sprint like a marathon runner because it [...]