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Jewish Singles & Updates On Old Flames–Now Ashes…

23 year old is playing the field…when I see him, I give him a wintry smile, and say “Hello,_____”, in the manner that Jerry Seinfeld addressed Newman, but with none of the mirth.

22 year old is totally strange, we broke up a while ago, it wasn’t until he went to an event at Fire [...]

Jewish Singles & Chronic Selective Amnesia

You know, sometimes I feel that I am beyond stupid. My heart lunges, leaps–every Olympian feat–u name it, I do it. And then, Ms Sensitivity cries and feels that there is a literal ache in her heart and she can show you where. CRY ME A RIVER. NOT.

I don’t learn from past mistakes. I [...]

JewishSingles–Is Love Real?

Is it?

I mock it, but did it happen to the Queen of Denial?

The Princess of Cynicism and Pessimism?

Talk to me…Don’t tell me it’s infatuation…

This is different…Or maybe it isn’t.

Gigi, needed a lifevest from s/o who has experienced the L word really quickly and was a firm non-believer.

Jewish Singles–I PROPOSED.To Friday’s guy.

After I knew him 24 hrs. Yep. Mmhmm.

Well, I must rewind really….

Friday I found out that he, and I will call him Josh, after trailing me around, is related to me, but not a blood relative.ra

There is an adorable child that i am an aunt to and he is an uncle to, [...]

Jewish Singles–I Found G-d.(Or he is soo close to G-dly!)

Firstly, MEA MAXIMUM CULPA. My modem has been down, I have been pretty up, so many things have been happening, and I MISS U ALL SO MUCH…..

Wow. Okay. So. Today I had an interview in the city and I was dressed casual, but fitted, I looked hot, and I will see what will b [...]

Jewish Singles, YOU AREN’T SICK OF ME YET???

G-d Bless You ALL–Because I am so sick of me. I live with me all the time. I wish I could take a break from me.



OK, Im sorry. Just making sure all my fans and other cooling devices are following….

I am [...]