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Jewish Singles: Work

People are always saying that relationships are very hard work, and lots of effort, and working things out blah-blah-blah.

And that’s probably true, but sometimes I read too much into that. Sometimes I work too hard, and try to be committed to someone who, as it turns out, I just plain don’t have feelings for [...]

Jewish Singles: Commitment

Tu B’Av was on Monday. Tu B’Av is the day in the Hebrew calendar when you’re supposed to find your soulmate.

I did not find my soulmate

But I did find some alcohol and a gentleman who was quite fond of my behind. He would like to take it to the movies. I’m not [...]

Jewish Singles: Boys Suck

I called him and we talked on the phone for like an hour.

It was our first phone conversation. Well, second technically. The first conversation he called me. It was epic.

I hate talking on the phone, but I wanted to talk to him on the phone. It was weird. I had nothing to say. [...]

Jewish Singles: Ego-Centric

Michelle and I went for drinks at a swanky place last night and got desserts as well.

Then we met the dessert chef who is apparently a very big deal. He was listed as one of the most eligible bachelors in New York and voted ‘hottest chef’ in multiple magazines. He was aware of this. [...]

Jewish Singles: You’ll Do For Now

He said he was worried about getting surgery alone, without anyone to take care of him. I, of course, offered to fly in and take care of him after surgery.

Then we got into a conversation about the future.

“I’m gonna go to all these different cities; Costa Rica, Malibu…travel the world.”

“Won’t you get [...]

Jewish Singles: A New York State of Mind

Today marks my first month living in The City.

There are certainly distinct features that mark a New Yorker. Every New Yorker drinks coffee, has little regard for traffic signals, has a small dog which they walk around with in the morning time, and usually isn’t very nice to people (for good reason, because most [...]