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Jewish Singles: Goodbye Mr. I Don’t Know

Well, I spent the last 4 months dating a nice guy…a good guy…probably the best guy I’ve dated in a long time. Only problem was, we weren’t on the same page. I obviously know what I want and who I am and he, sadly, doesn’t have much of a clue…hence, the nickname [...]

Jewish Singles: He’s Coming!

Well, the summer has come and gone and I’m finally back with an update. After the last doozy of a guy, I decided to just have a fun & carefree summer. And that’s exactly what I did. Most of the people I dated are unmentionables…just a few people to pass the time with, without getting [...]

Jewish Singles: What a Doozy

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks because I FINALLY moved into my condo! Everything is going great and I’m so happy that all of that drama is behind me. Now….I must tell you all about someone who I “met” a couple weeks ago. We will call him “D” for [...]

Jewish Singles: Sex & The City

So i saw Sex & The City this week end and absolutely loved, loved, loved it! I’m going to take a break from writing about myself this week, and instead dedicate this blog to the lovely ladies of Sex & the City… Love Lessons from Sex & The City In their six years on the [...]

Jewish Singles: Cats Are Finicky, NOT 42 year-old Single Men!

Condo Update- Ditched my mortgage broker and switched to someone who is professional and who promises to get the deal done in the next two weeks! Fingers crossed. And on the dating front…

Well, he called. I should [...]

Jewish Singles: Chance Meeting

Condo update- Still waiting……

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend! Aside from the gloomy weather, mine was cool. I had a really funny thing happen, actually. Went to dinner with my parents and ended up meeting this [...]