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Jewish Singles&Comfort Zones

So the other day, as I bundled up in my Victoria’s Secret thermal PJs, HUE slipper socks, and additional sweatshirt from a guy I dated for 4 twitches of the eye, and never returned, as he forgot to ask for it back, and it was so delicious–so broken in, comes to my knees, so yummy!, [...]

Jewish Singles:Heal The Boo-Boo With Bling-Bling


I discovered something new on the market.

Something that will help ease the pain of the little gashes and holes and tears in one that has been hurt’s heart, aside of course from PAYING FOR THERAPY, (SHOE THERAPY, BERGDORF THERAPY, BLACK AMEX CC THERAPY, [...]

Jewish Singles:Amputating&Re-attaching The Severed Limb

So most of you are probably still reeling from my use of the word “witch” with a “b” instead of the “w.” I’m not sorry. Those of you out there that bought the book will understand wy that is, and are probably recommending it to friends, and going through a ginormous “aha” moment. It’s never [...]

Jewish Singles: CALLING ALL BITCHES!!!

Oops, I said the “B” word! See if I care.

I broke up with the guy I was dating for less than two weeks because he couldn’t deal with dating–the state of dating. HE RAN AFTER ME BECAUSE WE WERE SET UP AND I WASN’T INTERESTED…PURSUED ME UNTIL I FINALLY AGREED TO CHILL WITH HIM…


Jewish Singles & Chronic F.O.A.

So I am sitting here, terrified, because life is so short, and Im dating someone I actually like, and I have Chronic F.O.A.(Fear Of Abandonment).

My great-uncle, who has us as his only family, is very ill, and took a turn for the worse today, and it was a wake up call yet again—life is [...]

Jewish Singles-Ending With A False Start

So, I was psyched up to tell you about this new guy I met, all ready to tell you “Never say never” because he is nothing I was looking for and everything I was looking for and came when I wasn’t looking–a true gift–hence, the hemming and hawwing re: sharing the morsel of happinness thrown [...]