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Jewish Singles: New Beginnings

Starting a new relationship is full of firsts.

You decidedly like each other but there’s still a lot of getting-to-know-you involved.

Because when you decide to make someone your boy/girlfriend, you’re pretty much saying, “You’re going to be a person I’m going to spend a lot of time with.” It’s like deciding to be best [...]

Jewish Singles: A Girl’s Best Friend

Your best girlfriends are there for a reason. They’re there to do all the wonderful things that the men in your life too often fail at. They will always get excited to see you, to shop with you, to notice when you’ve dressed up or change your hair. They will commiserate with you and make [...]

Jewish Singles: A New York State of Mind

Today marks my first month living in The City.

There are certainly distinct features that mark a New Yorker. Every New Yorker drinks coffee, has little regard for traffic signals, has a small dog which they walk around with in the morning time, and usually isn’t very nice to people (for good reason, because most [...]

Jewish Dating: Mamma’s Boy

Out of everyone in the whole world, my mother knows me best.

She knows my likes, my fears, the way coffee ice cream gives me nightmares if I eat it before bed.

She knows my temper and what will make me lose it. What I value, what I don’t, what to expect when I say [...]

Jewish Singles: Dumping

I’m really awful at breaking up with people. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I feel it should just be quick and painless, like a band-aid. Or maybe casual so they won’t notice. I like to think maybe I can just slip it into conversation;

“Hey, how did you like that dinner? Yea, I [...]

Jewish Singles: Poop

I think I might have a boyfriend.

I only suspect this because he says very nice things to me, frequently inquires as to what I’m doing, and often times pays for my food.

And I think I might like him because I don’t particularly mind it.

I am very hesitant about entering into relationships.

There [...]