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Paging Prince Charming

So as I sit here watching a sleeping 5-month old baby boy, I secretly change the channel from Nick Jr.’s awful television show, Yo Gabba Gabba, and turn on reruns of my guilty pleasure, Grey’s Anatomy. And as I am watching, I realize all the false hope this show gives us.

A group of 20-somthing [...]

Jewish Singles: Long Distance

Long distance relationships suck. There’s just no getting around it.

Always missing someone, craving someone, having an inappropriately close relationship with your phone. And everywhere you go you want to tell them about it, and every conversation you have you wish was with them and it takes over your life. Even moreso than a short [...]

Jewish Singles: Infatuation

I like a boy.


We talked about it. It was deep.

“….I really like you.”

“I like you too.”


“…I don’t usually like people this much.”

“Yea, me either.”


Love is a very innocent feeling, and all the great authors and poets will stack words upon words of embellishment and eloquence on [...]