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Jewish Dating: Timing is Everything

I am studying abroad for 4 months.

He wants to take things long distance.

I don’t.  I hate long distance.  My last relationship went long distance.  It started out strong and then disintegrated into different lives and text messages of hollow I-Love-You’s and I-Miss-You’s.

There was no longer any substance or connection.

So I said no more long distance relationships.

….But I still really like him.  A lot.  In that “I-never-thought-I-could-ever-find-anyone-like-you-and-up-until-this-point-was-completely-convinced-I-might-never-love-again” kind of way.  You know the one.  Where you’re even shocking yourself by how much you like someone.

So here are my options:

1) Stay together and risk the relationship completely decomposing until we both lose interest and find other people

2) Break up and risk not getting back together when I come back home

There is no third option.

Timing can be your best friend and your worst enemy.  It brought us together and then it took us right back apart.

What to do, what to do…

Only time will tell.  But in the meantime it’s so good at keeping secrets.

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