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Jewish Singles and Husband Pets

So I need a bit of a break from hurling about my life, and if I need a break, you need a serious vacation–any island, a Cannibal Island included–so we chango topicso.

You know how we always debate the pros and cons to being in a relationship–pros: someone is there for you, when you need them, when you don’t, it can be claustrophobic, as fun as cuddling and forking or spooning, or whatever cutlery your smooshing up together in bed like two peas in a badly written fairy tale princess’s mattress. On to the cons–oh, that included them as well.

 You would cuddle with a teddy bear, but its fake and cannot reciperocate, and an animal won’t go to the loo and take care of biz over there, and instead of taking the NY Times on Sunday, piece by piece–it messes all the sections together, so that you find the Help Wanted in the International Section. Not to mention their wild tendencies–they won’t just cuddle…they scratch…Well, the goldfish is too gentle, bless his/her heart, for as long as it beatsa–unless I invent my transparent fish tank water bed!!!!!!

But I digress. Here is the answer. Read and thank me for the beating heart that won’t bother you at all.


Have a great weekend. I am cuddling up@ a close friend. A few of us are here with enough food to make A Third World Country morbidly obese  If we run out of food, crunchy junk, cherry nibs, and ice cream, I will be reading Khaled Hosseini’s latest.

Gigi, sorry she didn’t bring ear plugs with her to Lawn Guy Land.

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