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Jewish Singles and Insomnia

I am up earlier than the sun and I wonder why I don’t go over to the nearest Rooster Trailer Park and wake ‘em up. Rather have some company here. What I am writing you now is probably going to shock you. I think you should be sitting and not hold any hot beverages.

I sleep in a twin bed. Yep. One roll in the wrong direction and I am looking at the floor. I manage to like the wall, and sticking to that side, curled up in a fetal position.(Freud would have a field day with that.) I. Live. At. Home. With. The. Parents. That you knew though, already. Which is why….I took the pride, threw it into the discard pile, and took back my old job. Enough sob stories. I have to move out of here. I am an adult. I have bills to pay, even if it means working in the city for just enough to pay bills and save a minute fraction in my piggy bank–I am independent now.

 I worked yesterday, came home on the subway, and avoided the woman screaming Bible Passages to the voices in her head and the weary passengers, 3/4 of whom had their ears stuffed with earphones for their MP3 Playa Of Choice.

How can I play when this Cinderella lives under her parents’ roof?

Gigi, completely into the lucite platforms this season…Where art though, my prince??

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