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Jewish Singles and LIVING!!!

I just came home from one of the best nights ever. I went with a close female friend, a Euro transplant, as she wants to get married, so she lives here…Anyhoo, it was awesome…

I went to a very upper-class club, met a lot of my pple–well, I know too many pple, but I had such a great time…

For once, I lived, without thinking, hesitating….had fun….Smiled for real! Looked sexy! Felt sexy! (Okay, for all you pop psych. buffs –switch the look and felt.)…

I had one minor drink, but I was feeling really good about me. The real me. The one that opens to u here.

Think this can last? I am scared it will leave.

 I am worrying. Hate warts. I will love it, love the photos, and do it again VERY SOON.

 Gigi, not remembering the last time she smiled for real–eyes smiling as well as mouth…

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