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Jewish Singles and One Step…

I did it! One step for Gigi, may seem like a tiny step, but it is a huge leap for a normal homosapien. I overcame the fear last night. It was: emotional, touching, one of the best evenings in my life…..

And then, I broke up with 22 yr. old as I don’t wan’t emotions to run deep if there can’t be a we. I wish there could be. I am heartbroken. He was crying last night. I couldn’t…No one cared for me as he did… I can’t seem to come up with a conclusion–and age isn’t the only factor.

 I warned him before anything started that I would rather be numb than feel…

He wanted to feel.

It overshadowed the original evening’s triumph.

He is so special, but I am a realist.

I won’t say I told you so to him…

But I really need a hug now.

I miss you, my friend…No one cared for me the way you do…

Gigi, for the first time feeling love and loss, but the phone is so tantalizing…

2 comments to Jewish Singles and One Step…

  • Rachel

    Gigi- We’ve all been in your shoes one time or another and yes I do feel what your going through. Hope it passes quickly.

  • Gigi

    Rachel–thank you for the empathy. Sometimes, it’s hard to feel that someone else has been there, and hurt as well. Knowing that you read this, and took the time to respond, is touching. I hope you have a different, and better pair of shoes in which you walk now. Any Manolos?
    P.S. I can’t afford living even in a shoe in the city–you know the nursery rhyme..Wait, I don’t have kids and I wouldn’t spank them, and woahhhhhhhhhhhh…Still have to deal with 22 year old, and a job that is my second day–The Sequel.
    Thanks again.

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