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Jewish Singles and The City!!!

Of all the places I love the most, it is of course my home base–NYC!!! Love the lights, the crazy cabbies that make you find G-d as you pray when they seem to believe they are part of a computer game, and you, my dear reader, are just a blip on the screen that will pay when “Game Over”–so get that seat belt on, and for all those Atheists out there? You just ceased being an Atheist.

TIMES SQUARE!!!!! The lights!!!! The hot pretzels!!!! The artists who are truly gifted, trying to sell charicatures, spray painted scenes of NYC, and stores!!!! I was never diagnosed with ADD–but Times Square is the place I develop a severe case of it….

Every time I used to go, and try my comedic routine, which fell worse than Monsieur Dumpty, I would point to the WonderBra advertisement, and complain loudly, “I asked them time and again to use a different model for Times Square…G-d this is so embarrassing…” Needless to say, I never DID become a stand-up or sit down comedian. (Or a Wonderbra Model, for that matter.)

I know you are thinking–Gigi, your point being with this post??? I am thinking the same. It happens from time to time that I actually 1. think 2. write a point about jabberwocky 3. think so hard my pulled wisdom teeth sites ache, trying to think what was I REALLY trying to say–It is so deep, even I don’t know. (Righhhhht.)

Off I go to the gym, a place where some have yet to discover that there is something called–get ready for a big word–DE-O-DER-ANT–and they need to shower and use it. I wouldn’t mind driving and buying a dozen for them at the nearest pharmacy that has a sale.

The shower nozzle they are paying for. I’m jobless.

Gigi, so good, she is almost Mother Teresa

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