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Jewish Singles and The Real Deal

Last night, 22 year old and I had “The Talk”. Not about the facts of life, though I am pretty aloof around him, yet about how I am in a place in my life where I cannot support the both of us while he is in Graduate School. I have lived too long a life….I don’t have the strength to start again…

I am not looking for a billionaire who will have a black AmEx card(though I wouldn’t protest it), fly on lear jets, and give my fingers a hernia with the huge weighted bling he bedecks them with.

I just don’t wan’t to have to be afraid of where the next rent payment, utilities, etc… will come from….

I told him some of the details of my life…the rough stuff, a drop in the bucket really, and I looked down at my lap as I spoke because I had tiny tears in my eyes. He listened, and I looked at him, and he had tears in his eyes. He made a comment the other day about “feeling my pain”. Sad thing is–he is sincere. He then proceeded to give me a huge hug and a kiss.

What now???

He is a bit shorter than me too, which sounds minute and ludicrous in comparison to the rest that is working against me….

 Gigi, Questioning…Always Questioning…

2 comments to Jewish Singles and The Real Deal

  • Rebecca

    Gigi- I understand your pain and sorrow, but its now time to move on to hopefully better things. It’s time to find a job and your place and start anew!

  • Gigi

    OMG–Rebecca–you are such a sweetie! I feel so horrible! You have been supporting me along the way and I only discovered you when you commented on my latest blog “Not Sick Of Me Yet…?”
    You are so kind! Seriously. You empathize. You dont minimize pain, or distract one from it. You legitimize it, then give very appropriate advice as to what to do, as well as encouragement.
    You are an awesome human being. I wish the catty female “friends”(ha!)–more like the frenemies I speak about, or perhaps speak about in life, could take a clue from you.
    Ever took Psych. in college? Forget adopting me–Let’s be best friends!
    Gigi–Happy to have found a new friend.

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