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Jewish Singles, “Another One Bites The Dust”…

Funny how the most well-known song by Queen is “We are the Champions”–when in fact, there are so many beautiful songs they put out. My personal favorite? “The Show Must Go On”–Freddie Mercury’s goodbye song “…Inside my heart is breaking, My makeup my be flaking, But my smile still stays on…”

Ironically, another one of their songs, “Another one bites the dust” happened yesterday. Went with Josh to his music lessons, something intimate in and of itself, as he has been training for the opera for years, and was his voice is…..breathtaking…Yet, the word breathtaking doesn’t do him justice….He was one of five gifted American singers chosen now to go to Italy and sing in THE BIG LEAGUES. His teacher is world-reknowned, and I sat there, listening to the lesson, watching, completely mesmerized. Compared to this, American Idol is the biggest farce out there. MY Josh can reach notes that are higher than Andrea Boccelli–yes.

Oh, but he isn’t mine anymore. He bit the dust yesterday, and pulled me down with him, walking away, and I peeked behind me, not afraid lest I turn into a pillar of salt, as I am nothing more, in reality.

Josh was the guy I met on a Friday, I proposed to, very whirlwind, kinda related to me….The one that told me I could be thinner when I am quite thin already….If you need to refresh your memory, it’s in the posts, and branded on my weeping heart.

I don’t remember if I told you I have a new job…it is ok, a lot of hard mental work, a lot of quick thinking…That isn’t what is on the forefront of my mind, though.

Yesterday, I looked really tall–four inch platforms–comfie ones–not the hoochie mama kind. It made me a bit taller than six feet. I had really missed Josh, and he me, so we met in The Village, and It felt….right. We went to his voice lesson and apparently his teacher, who is so so gifted, took to me as well. He said I was the second person Josh ever bought to watch him and the other person was a guy a long time ago. To say the least, I was flattered.

After listening to what sounded like my own personal angel singing, Josh and I went to a cafe’, sat down and tried to decide what to do next….

 Gigi…in too much pain to finish this right now

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