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Jewish Singles & Bathroom Reunions

Work on Friday was…well, I now remember why I left my job originally! I asked a question that my boss thought was a reiterated querie and he threatened me that if I ask him anything else, I would be going home in a half an hour. Wow. My selective amnesia sickens me. I would cry the last time around–forget makeup for my P.O.W. (place of work=0)

A high point was when I left for the loo, as each floor has one for females, one for males, and the a key that fits into both??? I was thinking the same thing??? Yeah, so when I was in my stall, stalling to go back to the Siberian a/c-ed office, I heard a distinct voice. “Ashley?” I asked, completely touched. “Gigi?” She replied…

 I met Ashley in the bathroom, as I met all close friends in high school. .(I didn’t meet Ashley in H.S.–that came out wrong.) A water closet was the place to go when the teacher sent you out, as you did really well scholastically, but she didn’t appreciate you forging relationships instead of forming right angles.

 Ashley’s bladder, as well as mine, were on the same…cycle. Okay, don’t scrunch up your nose. We are all adults here. Her wit can match mine, but she is normal. We would exchange witticisms, and she was really the coolest person I met at my job, with the exception of the HMG(Hot Married Guy), but I don’t go near those. I know G-d retaliates.

 Work isn’t terrible. I put on a white tee, and with my fake tan–a cross between an orange and cinnamon….I want to find a man.

 Let’s go…Anyone reading this and “feeling me”? Come on….I know your scared. I am scared of me too.

This is a leap of faith….

(…and if YOU end up hurting ME, I will be really sad, so think ten times before liking me.)

I cannot believe I just did that. Again. That is sick.

 Gigi, on the merry-go-round that is her life

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