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Jewish Singles: Cats Are Finicky, NOT 42 year-old Single Men!

Condo Update- Ditched my mortgage broker and switched to someone who is professional and who promises to get the deal done in the next two weeks!  Fingers crossed.  And on the dating front…

Well, he called.  I should have known after our first conversation that it wouldn’t go anywhere.  Come to think of it, I DID know.  I had him pegged pretty quickly.  As soon as he said that the reason he’s still single at 42 is because he is “finicky,” well, I heard all I needed to hear.  I knew at that moment that he is like the other 40-somethings who I’ve dated before—never married, overly picky, with unrealistic expectations.  But, of course, I still met him anyway…simply because “you never know.”  We had brunch together and it was nothing to write home about.  Pleasant conversation, good food, but we definitely were not a match.  I found him to be somewhat boring, stiff/uptight, and not a very good listener (he asked me the same question on more than one occasion.)  On the OFF chance that he happens to be reading this (highly unlikely, as he made it VERY clear that we are from different eras and he isn’t computer savvy) I mean no harm…just being honest.  Chalk it up to another experience and another date!

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