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Jewish Singles: Chance Meeting


Condo update- Still waiting……


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!  Aside from the gloomy weather, mine was cool.  I had a really funny thing happen, actually.  Went to dinner with my parents and ended up meeting this family who was sitting next to us.  My dad was goo-goo gaa- gaa over the lady’s adorable baby.  It’s his way of saying “Robin, when are you gonna make me a grandfather?”  Anyway, we all got to talking, and turns out they live one block away from me and both of our brothers have the same name, same spelling.  So, this woman (I’ll call her “M”) decides that she’d like to set me up with her brother, who, coincidentally also lives about a block away from me.  Their parents, the baby’s grandparents, (have I confused everyone yet??) were also eating dinner with “M.”  They all joked that my parents and I just met my future in-laws ;)   Of course, the brother, “A”, who was not present at the time, is handsome, successful and Jewish.  Of course, he really wants to meet someone and get married and have kids.  Of COURSE, my poor naïve father had a “weird feeling” that this could be “it.”  Now, me, on the other hand…call me jaded, pessimistic or just plain REALISTIC, but I’m not holding my breath that I’ll hear from him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to!  His family was awesome, very sweet and warm and the way they described him sounded great.  I was flattered that his sister, a complete stranger, thought enough of me to want to set us up…especially because I definitely wasn’t looking my best in my velour sweat suit, hair in a pony tail and zero make-up!  But I told her that I clean up well J  She didn’t seem too concerned.   So, we exchanged numbers and that was that!  Whatever happens, they seemed like a lovely family and if it’s meant to be, I’ll hear from him.  And if it’s not, I won’t!  But I’d sure like to J


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  • Mary Jo Kilroy

    It’s always good to stumble onto a new blog this excellent! I’ll be coming back for sure!

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