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Jewish Singles & Chronic F.O.A.

So I am sitting here, terrified, because life is so short, and Im dating someone I actually like, and I have Chronic F.O.A.(Fear Of Abandonment).

My great-uncle, who has us as his only family, is very ill, and took a turn for the worse today, and it was a wake up call yet again—life is short, Gigi, do what you have to do, get to your goals, surpass them–build a family…

But the guy I am “dating” is still open to meeting other people, and has yet to decree that we are “dating”, yet can be so close to me…

My friend is going overseas for work reasons. Now she is abandoning me too, which is overreacting, I know, but can’t anyone stay at my side and never let go????????????

Gigi…Only Gigi

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