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Jewish Singles–Cruel Irony

Why is it that the people we want(to date, have dated, want a serious relationship with…) don’t want us, but the one’s that want us, we don’t want? I know for a fact this isn’t an issue of the Forbidden Fruit, because it isn’t just me–it is so many of my friends and aquaintances, and in my mind’s eye, I see so many of you nodding your head in acquiescence.

Is this some sort of cruel irony of life? I am so tired of dating. I feel sad when I say no to someone because they truly are not my type, but when someone says no to me, it kills me inside because hey, I may as well admit that Ms. -Sometime-Witty-Gigi lacks serious self confidence and a no is  HUGE BLOCK FONT NO.  It’s a no to everything I am–because the comment “you’re sweet, I just don’t see this going anywhere”, or “our personalities are way too different” makes me feel a physical ache(maybe I wasn’t pretty enough, flirty enough, talked too much, etc…) and I can’t. I can’t keep going on and on on this never ending merry-go-round that wont stop, and isn’t merry, and to tell you the truth? It never was.

 How many No’s do I have to get before I completely surrender?

 Gigi and balled up Kleenex

1 comment to Jewish Singles–Cruel Irony

  • Rachel

    I understand what your saying- I hate hearing no, but then again i don’t always mind saying no to other people. I clearly say that they aren’t for me, but then when someone else says no to me, I start questioning myself- like am i not good enough for you or something? Overall, I have a good package to offer, so why are they being so picky?

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