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Jewish Singles, Dare I Peek?

I didn’t check your responses from yesterday because I want to stay, so I will be blissfully ignorant for another day or two, happy to be in my safe haven here with you.

I was thinking of sharing what had gone down the past few months, but thought of the AA way of thought–I am taking it day by day, and frankly, today is a new day, with new hopes, and new goals, and I won’t look back.

I do want to share a song with you–the lyrics are so beautiful and true… Sang by Martina McBride, my sister sent this to me today, and it was…perfect.

I thought of you–Hope this touched you and encouraged you, as well as had a healing effect as it did me.

Thank you for being a heartbeat away…I Thank God for ALL OF YOU…

Here is the link: I sent the lyrics because I wanted you to see the words–the message was the most important.

Wish I knew who wrote this….


At peace here…


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