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Jewish Singles: Date My Son…Please…

There was this guy on The Today Show, Colby Brin, who’s mother made a website devoted to finding him a wife. (MarryOffYourSingleKids)

He was okay with it.  He actually took it very seriously.

Meredith Vieira asked “Do your friends tease you about this?”

“What?  Oh no, I have no idea why my friends would make fun of me.  I’m just looking for love, and I’m thirty so it’s expected that I’d let my mother start a website devoted to finding me a girlfriend and then talk about it on the Today Show.  I feel this is something completely normal.”

“So,” kindly asks Meredith Vieira, “How good a matchmaker is she?”

“Well she’s good, She set me up with someone very attractive”

…Yea that’s right, I date attractive people.

“And it had a lot of potential.”

I would do her.

“But I kinda dropped the ball on that one.”

Yea that’s right, I broke up with HER.

“I don’t date everyone my mom sets me up with.”

…I promise I’m not desperate.

If his friends are not teasing him about this his friends probably have no sense of humor.  I understand, it’s innovative, it’s for a real purpose, I get this.  But it’s also silly.  He has to recognize that it’s silly.  There are now websites where you have to write essays explaining why you’d be good for him and then a date with him is the prize.  Why is that such a great prize?  Because he’s been on tv?  I’m probably way cooler than this guy.  People should enter contests to win dates with me.  Except that I wouldn’t be okay with that, because, oh, I don’t know…I have a soul.

What would I even think of someone who wrote a thousand word essay to be with me?  I’d think “I don’t even know you.  You must be a crazy person.  I’m going to be single forever.”

And he probably will be because the second he actually FINDS somebody…Bye bye fame.  Bye Bye Today Show.  He’s famous for being single and now fame is what he has to bring to the table in a relationship.  Girls don’t want to date him because he seems like a really great guy.  They want to date him because he’s famous and they’re competitive.  Suddenly it becomes less about finding a meaningful relationship, and more about winning a prize.  It’s not “I want you because you seem great,” it’s, “I want you because a lot of other people want you.”

But once they get you, things might turn sour.  We already have a hard enough time trusting one another.  Security and trust are the most important part of a healthy serious relationship.  Once you lose those; once you have to freak out cause she just wants you cause you’re famous…Well, that sucks.

Also the Mom is practically begging, and she’s very open about it.  When you beg someone to date someone, it makes them sound a little pathetic.

“Date my son please.  Please.  I’m begging you.  No one will ever lover him.  I’m his own mother and I want to give him away.  Please just date him, get him some dinner, get him out of the house he’s driving me crazy.”

Nice try mom, but I don’t think I”ll be writing that essay any time soon.

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