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Jewish Singles & Divorce Cakes

So Last night this Maid Of Honor danced the night away, and actually “Look, Mom! No blisters!” Things felt a bit uncomfie because the photog is single and someone that wanted to chill a while back, and I didn’t feel, based on the phone calls and discussions on a myriad of topics that we were on the same page–let alone the same library. So this is to hoping he wont censor me out of all the photos, or draw a mustache and beard on my face in them.

The wedding cake was really funky and cool–no bride and groom atop a tower of Crisco. I was a bit curious(these things go on in my head…See? One thing you can be happy about–you don’t have my wacky thought processes)…May the bride and groom be ensconced in joy and love forever…..

But what about the people that Heaven Forbid divorce, and are actually RELIEVED  when they do, as the marriage was so terrible…Is there a Divorce Cake???

YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT…..divcake1.jpg




Gigi, Wacky as Usual

21 comments to Jewish Singles & Divorce Cakes

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    Howdy Guru, I am glad I pressed harder enough until I found jewish online dating, because this post on Jewish Singles & Divorce Cakes was extremely helpful. Just last Monday I was pondering on this quite a bit.

  • Dan

    Heh, nice cakes…I like the “shanna_moakler” one…it gets the message across very well

  • Shaz

    Where do you get the cake toppers from? Help…..

  • Loretta

    Gigi, I’ve been divorced for 17 years now after a 22 year marriage. I never hooked up with another man because two marriages in my lifetime is enough. I love my life and my x-husband ended up hating his with his new wife and her sons. I tell you that payback is priceless. Thank you for posting these pics…I had a good laugh. Loretta

  • Divorce Lawyers in PA

    Nice post – thanks!

  • kappacino kid

    Brilliant – better than wedding cakes

  • Darrel Macbean

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  • Alexander Miller

    Divorce is always a bad news among married couples. Some couples just cannot iron out their differences.”~*

  • Andrew Jackson

    Divorce will always lead to depression and anger towards the other party. As much as possible avoid divorce,*.

  • Ava Green

    divorce is always not a good news but it maybe necessary if relationships aren’t going in the right direction-”,

  • Bottled Water :

    there is nothing good getting a divorce, this is perhaps the saddest moment of your life~::

  • Milo Monti

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