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Jewish Singles-Ending With A False Start

So, I was psyched up to tell you about this new guy I met, all ready to tell you “Never say never” because he is nothing I was looking for and everything I was looking for and came when I wasn’t looking–a true gift–hence, the hemming and hawwing re: sharing the morsel of happinness thrown my way, with you, lest it was some hallucination in a starving woman’s eyes.

It was.

The tragi-comedy of Gigi’s life. She dares to hope, dream, laugh, falls, cries, runs away, returns, and the cycle? Well, let’s just say I hope it not a FULL Recycle.

Dear Mr Hello Goodbye-If u are reading this, as you know I write, just not here, so I know and hope you aren’t–I think you are great–your flaws are beautiful, your laugh is infectious, you are intelligent and funny and real and it’s only when I am with you that I feel safe.

That said, it aint over ’til the fat lady sings. Opera is no longer for heavy women. I go to sleep listening to Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli singing a song we listened to more than once….And R.S.? If u r reading this? All my love for introducing me to music that pierces my soul. I give to you…yet again its that time…wish I had that love…and this one was different, but…”It’s time to say goodbye”…..

 Me. Just…Me.


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