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Jewish Singles Fight It Out On The Runway

I haven’t been eating much lately, and my close friends are noticing. When I am gaunt, weak, and subsisting on barely any food, all the men want me. Everyone sits up and takes notice. I have heard first hand, and I have so many friends in so many different circles–every guy wants a thin girl–with the exception of that guy that likes heavy girl, and is thought of as a freak. Why is that? Inside she is the same person!

Society definitely plays a huge role in this, as we read headlines lately and about Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, etc…Exotic beauties–all very different–dangerously thin, stunning, rich, and with a wide fan base–not to mention the magazines that feature Human Hangers, a.k.a. Supermodels–the lucky genetic freaks that have legs that go from their armpits and never end. They are the ones we idolize–and yes, I do too.

I would rather be thin and have guys like me.

Even if it means risking my health.

I know a lot of you are reading this and have disordered eating habits and agree, but wouldn’t dare put it out there.

I care for you. Myself? No.

I just wan’t to be loved–but for the inner me. I need the outer me to be up there with the competiton.

I don’t wan’t to be alone, and if this is what it takes….

Bothers me that some guys that don’t take care of themselves want Stepford Wives. They have really nothing going for them–BUT EVERY GUY WANTS A GIRL TO BE THIN. SKINNY.

How will it feel to sleep with a carpenter’s dream? Nightmarish, huh?

Your friends will be so jealous, though. Lucky him. Check out his girlfriend. Does she have a sister? Lucky (insert word that starts with a “B” and ends with a “D”and  has seven letters.)

Every guy–the ones that are short, tall, fat, thin, smart, stupid, young, old, jobless, CEOs–all want a thin girl and feel that they are entitled…

Why do curves, and meat seem so bad? It’s definitely better to hug, cuddle, spoon….

And doesn’t the heart and soul count for anything?

What happens when your average looking wife–but with a smoking body is pregnant, and gives birth to a healthy baby….But cannot lose the weight….And u married her for that 36D, tiny waist, 34 inch hips? What then? She isn’t pretty and she is heavy. What do you do? What did you fall in love with?



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