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Jewish Singles–Fighting Back!

Fine. One hair isn’t going to get me down. Im a fighter. (Not literally, I have no muscle mass to speak of. I want Madonna’s arms for Hannukah. Well not HER arms. Arms that look like hers.) I am just going to pull the offending hair out of my head and flush it down the loo. The strangest thing happened though–I told my close friend I was pulling the white hair out and she started yelling and said some pearls of wisdom that sounded like this “Yernotlowedcousindensixellgro!!!!!!!!!!!”. Say WHAT??? After she calmed down a bit, she spoke and enunciated in a clearer manner what she had meant to say before–”Gigi, you are not allowed to pull out a white or gray hair, because if you pull out one, SIX grow back!!!!!” Six? Woah. I may have experienced REM during Human Bio 1o1, but that made no sense. One hair follicle would produce six follicles??? She was adamant, and vehemently told me that she would tell me “I told you so.” I love her dearly, but for every superstition she taught me about, in addition with the dire warning of the ominous “I told you so”, and I have yet to hear it once….

But just in case there is a next time,(please let this be a random fluke) I will color the hair with a Sharpie,

Gigi feeling very wise(Oman, is it the white hair????)

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