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Jewish Singles–Finis, Chapter Uno

I am breaking up with 22 year old. Yes, he has been in the very young and lineless background, and I did  today what I have been prone to do since I have had a good chance with a truly sweet guy–sabotaged the relationship so that he wouldn’t like me, so I would end up going out with the jerks I complain about in this column. Sound crazy? I never claimed to be normal. I only know how to br treated like a plaything that a spoiled rotten guy that gets everything from the newest porcelain veneers to the newest model Audi/Bentley/BMW, and is satisfied for as long as an ice cream cone is satisfying.

I am intelligent, yet I keep doing the same old, same old, stupidities.

Will I ever learn? Do I WANT to learn?


1 comment to Jewish Singles–Finis, Chapter Uno

  • Rebecca

    I think we all make the same mistakes over and over with guys event though we might know thats its wrong,since thats what we are used to and comfortable with, but in order to change that you have to be aware and ready to do so and be active instead of letting the same thing happen over and over again.

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