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Jewish Singles: Home

I’m very afraid of getting older.

I have no home.  I’m at that age where I’m just starting to realize, I have no home.  College is my home I suppose, for the next year or so anyway, and then I’m off in the real world and I’ll have a house.  But not a home.

Until I get married and settle down and become a real person.  I have to make my own home.  But that’s sooooo much responsibility.  And this time I would be the head of the household, you lose out on all the great benefits.  No rent, free food, whatever you want prepared for you!  I like being the child, I like being cared for.

Some people say men aren’t looking for wives, they’re just looking for someone to replace their mothers.  That’s probably true to an extent for some men.  Mothers are great.  I’ve said before, I think in general relationships serve an important purpose, and to a degree, that purpose is to replace their families.  Not replace, per say, but to regrow a family, and recreate that loving environment, or for those with more unfortunate childhoods, create for the first time.

But at this very young age I think I shall try to create a home with just myself.  I think I can feel at home by myself.  It’s quite a feat, but if I stay social enough I think it’s possible.  Someday home will be where I keep my kids and husband, but for today, home is where the food is.

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  • I understand your fear about entering the “real” world, without a defined home or mate. You’re young and the world must seem like a huge puzzle that you’re about to jump into head first. When I was a young person, I was lucky to meet my Jewish soul-mate at the early age of 16, right before my military service in Israel. This made starting my adult life a bit easier, but we still had our share of obstacles to overcome, even as a couple. Instead of fearing the unknown, approach it with excitement and enthusiasm. Your life is what you make it, if you look at the future with positivity and hope, the universe will deliver your dreams to you. I am living proof that this is true – 50 years of marriage to an amazing Jewish man and 4 beautiful children are my reality.

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