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Jewish Singles–Homeless Bound?

Okay. I have a  confession to make. I live with, um, my, you know, well, the woman from whom I exited her womb, and the man who was a partner in my creation(and until today the thought is horrific to endure.) Yes, my name is Gigi, I am single and live alone with the parents. I mooch off of them like a parasite.

Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! As much as I would love to finally sever the umbilical cord, and move into a modest dwelling in the city, I can’t afford the exorbitant rent of a rat’s nest. It’s really a matter of SMS!!!(Save My Sanity!!!)as all around me seem to have the same expression–furrowed brows, fallen faces, and The Book of Psalms. They mourn that I have not yet produced offspring–whoops–and have not yet come close to a relationship of substance. I feel them giving up. This is why I must leave.

There is one very very minor, infinitestimal problem that hinders my moving out. I am jobless. Yes, another confession from me today. I went to college, got my BA in Liberal Arts, as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do–so I learned a bit about everything. I ended up going the way of English, as in Language Arts–Literature, Grammar, Spelling, etc…For years I taught High School and loved every moment of it. A bit later, I fell into Marketing and PR….but that is for another day….

23 year old awaits. 22 yr. old filled my Ipod Nano yesterday. Awesome Songs!

Rock On!

Gigi, Jobless, and Thank Heavens, not Homeless–YET.

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