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Jewish Singles: Hormonal

Hormones are a funny thing.  When you break it down to find love and hate and happiness and saddness is due in part to chemicals in the brain, you have to ask, what happens when these chemicals go crazy?  What happens when our hormones freak out?

And when you’re a woman, this can be a common occurrence.  Ah yes, the burdens of womanhood. Thanks, Adam and Chava. The price we pay for liking fruit.

So currently I am going insane and most people make me want to cry.  My boyfriend can’t seem to understand what he’s doing wrong and doesn’t believe me when I say “Nothing” and then storm off in a huff.  This soon shall pass.

But for all my complaints, when a man’s hormones go out of whack (which is usually a medical condition) they stop feeling all together.  They don’t feel happy, they don’t feel sad.  I once heard an interview with a man who had a temporary testosterone deficiency.  He just didn’t want anything.  He was terribly uninterested in everything.  He was never happy, but never sad.  Just very complacent.  He said at times he would just stare at a wall, not feeling anything inparticular.

But he still thought everything was beautiful.  And that’s a really wonderful thing to think about.  That at the heart of it all, without any chemical influence, everything really is beautiful.

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