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Jewish Singles–I Found G-d.(Or he is soo close to G-dly!)

Firstly, MEA MAXIMUM CULPA. My modem has been down, I have been pretty up, so many things have been happening, and I MISS U ALL SO MUCH…..

Wow. Okay. So. Today I had an interview in the city and I was dressed casual, but fitted, I looked hot, and I will see what will b between this job and another next week.

As I crossed Fifth Avenue, a tall handsome guy (hi 20′s? lo 30′s?), looked at me, smiled a killer KILLER smile(deep dimples in each cheeck, pronounced cleft in chin, eyes sparkle when he smiles, plastic tortioiseshell frames), wearing a cap and backpack, and said–in a statement–TOUCHING MY ARM–”Gigi.”

 I looked at him, vaguely familiar, as he refused to tell me his name, dragged him with me on errands–Saks for bronzer, and a newstand for reading material.

Only I would drag around someone I didnt know, but knew I remembered the face(and loved the face, but commented on the sad eyes–that weirded him out–he had sad eyes.) with me to my errands, in NYC, who could be a stalker, killer, etc…

I’m an equal opportunity befriender.

To be continued, as I must flee!

 Damn, I missed you guys!

Gigi, dreaming of millions of dimples….

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