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Jewish Singles–I PROPOSED.To Friday’s guy.

After I knew him 24 hrs. Yep. Mmhmm.

Well, I must rewind really….

Friday I found out that he, and I will call him Josh, after trailing me around, is related to me, but not a blood relative.ra

There is an adorable child that i am an aunt to and he is an uncle to, and I uh….was dragging a cute stranger around, showing him pics of my niece in my digicam, and saying that she was cuter, but then she started looking like my brother’s mother in law.(O.M.G. I agree. That would be Josh’s mom.) He kept a straight face.

Saturday we spent the whole day together.

Sunday we spent the whole day together.

Please forgive me for not writing–these feelings are so weird and awesome and painful and crazy.

Oh, and I proposed to him on Saturday, and yesterday, as we were@ the amusement park. He knows I am not joking…

I am so screwed.

I fell in love.

What a scary mistake. It happened so fast.

 Gigi, smiling an awful lot 

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