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Jewish Singles & Makeovers

I never read the book “The Rules”, and we all know some females adhere to its commandments more than the biblical ones of Moses’ fame. I don’t play hard to get–in fact I don’t play–I answer my phone when “you” call, and do all the “Thou shalt not”s–Is that why I am still single? “No good deed goes unpunished?” The AUTHOR got divorced! 

That is why I decided to work on GIGI INTENSIFIED. I want to market myself in a way that I am the one that is wanted so badly–I did NOT just write that–wow, I did. And to think I am commitment-phobic. I don’t know what I am trying to prove, but when I turn my perfectionist knob to high, things go badly. I am an extremist by nature. Yet, the summer is here. What better time to be the best Gigi I can be?


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