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Jewish Singles & My Atrocious Honesty

Hey there, all.

No, I am not using the rules with u, e.g. playing toughto get.


Basically, what you’ve been breathlessly(eagerly, use a theasaurus and use a better word than I did, even if this isn’t true–but u know deep down, u care abt me. Well, maybe Im delusional. Now I will reiterate. You know deep down that u care about me.)wanting to know what was happening in My- Murphy’s -Law- Attacked -Life, was the same old sob story–I did NOT veni, vedi veci.

Negative on: Male Situation, Job Situation, Carbs Are The Enemy Situation, Exercise Situation, and Writing to u.

I fell to a new low(wish it were weightwise, but that would have to be anorectic, and I refuse to shed hair, and look unfashionably hanger-ish. Nice hanger-ish. Okay. Sick hanger-ish? Nah. I want to live.)

I got rid of a friend too! She’s not an enemy–then she would still have the potential to be a friend.

She is nothing. She doesn’t have molecules or atoms. She is not in solid, liquid and/or gas form.

For all the other jealous, green witches with a B, or for all of u who have had pple try to ruin u (feed you desserts u like so u should gain weight bec u look too much thinner than them, hit on your boyfriends.), call their bluff, and walk away.

 I did it, and my gall bladder has never felt better.(Well, thats because I dont have one. It was removed. As i told u–no molecules, no atoms…)

 To Be Continued….(Stop sitting at the edge of your seat! J/K)

 Someone who should NEVER EVER be your role model,

Actually-it should be Living The Non Gigi Life,

Gigi–Leave The Stupid Mistakes and Re-Mistakes and Re-Re Mistakes To Me.

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