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Jewish Singles & Nancy Drew

I found out a bit of disturbing info today and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Seems one reference that I give on my resume’ badmouthed me in a job I really wanted. I am now stuck with wondering who it was, and I have two vague suspicions.

I know blogging is supposed to be light-hearted and very witty, but I am not feeling really funny now, and I am still jobless, and feel that there isn’t much hope. I am far from stupid. I am not saying this to brag. Trust me–I have many flaws–but I can work, multitask, and get a job done–if it is a job that is suited for me. I only apply for jobs suited for me.

I feel weird that someone would be giving bad information about me. I am a nice person. Who would do that? I didn’t give anyone that would say I was incompetent…Yet I DID give someone that has the motive and is actually looking forward to seeing me Monday and working with me, and that person was a last/worst case scenario job.

Methinks I am too gullible.

Gigi, weekend already feeling bad

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