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Jewish Singles: New Beginnings

Starting a new relationship is full of firsts.

You decidedly like each other but there’s still a lot of getting-to-know-you involved.

Because when you decide to make someone your boy/girlfriend, you’re pretty much saying, “You’re going to be a person I’m going to spend a lot of time with.”  It’s like deciding to be best friends.  You become best friends, but you usually don’t start out that way.

And until you get to that point, there’s some awkwardness.  There’s uncomfortable silence.  Long pauses in the conversation until someone says, “So…”

And you would think that over time there would only be less and less to talk about.  There’s so much to talk about at first!  You barely know eachother, everything’s fair game!  But then as the relationship progresses you forget to ask questions, assume you just know everything, and it dwindles back down…

But then, once you start to meld your lives together, suddenly you find there’s more to talk about.  You can talk about family, open up and discuss hopes and fears, and as mutual friends grow you can talk about them too.

Oh time time time.  I’m beginning to think that’s all relationships are.  Time and circumstance.  And beautiful eyes.

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