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Jewish Singles-OLD?

Hey all of you. Sorry that I haven’t been writing every day. I am working on consistency, as well as my abs. It’s been horrible–I found a hair that was (come close to the screen because this 411 I am not shouting on the rooftops in joy) white!!!!!Pure white. I thought I was going blond, and that made me feel my aorta sniffle. At least I have my high intelligence(or is that going too???), but my hair turning against me–and not blond–nope–one white strand. After years of washing my hair, conditioning, (okay maybe I O.D.ed it in hairspray and gel when I wanted my hair to look as if it defied gravity)…But one white hair? I think I need to find G-d. Well, I know where He is but I haven’t behaved that well. Too many carbs too, these days, and we all know carbs are evil.

 I need a lettuce leaf and a new mantra.

 Gigi–Hair In Shock!

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